My Simpsons Destiny

I’ve been spinning the idea in my head if I should post an update after 3 years of abandoning my blog to share some of my recent Simpsons experiences and embroideries. The idea was mainly related to how the Simpsons changed my entire life in the best way possible. It’s a weird story.

It starts with being so enamored with the show that I got a tribute tattoo, the Stonecutters one that I posted about a few years back.

simpsons tatt 013

Without falling into too much of a rambling mess of sentences I’ll briefly try to tell the story of how I met my husband. Yep, married now. It’s a very weird thing to acknowledge. Not that I don’t love it, just so funny how things work out.

Last summer I received an email alert that someone had commented on my blog. Since I abandoned it 3 years ago I was pretty surprised. Apparently he did a Google search for Stonecutters tattoos, saw mine and said to himself “I must know this woman immediately!” and left a comment. And that’s how it began. Just some random Google search and BAM, life changer. When I read the comment I knew what the cheesy line of “You just know” meant at that very moment. That really weird rush of intuition that says “THIS IS IMPORTANT”. It’s not something I ever expected but thanks to the Simpsons I met my soulmate. I mean it wasn’t just the Simpsons that made us realize we were soulmates, there were many other weird coincidences that were uncovered later. But the Simpsons was most definitely the catalyst for us meeting each other while he lived in Chicago at the time and I was in Kansas. He flew down last August to meet me in person and proposed. …with an onion ring!

photo 1_2

We got married in March and had some freakin SWEET Simpsons references incorporated.

I wore this brooch. It’s from Danny Brito and it was a perfect accessory for the day. 


My husband and I bought some Homer and Marge figures and painted them up all fancy.

We had them as the donuts topper.


Our cake was magnificently perfect!



A good friend of mine gifted my husband Homer’s pig cuff-links but unfortunately he was not able to wear them due to having the wrong shirt. We’re planning to pass them down our family line for future weddings.

For real nuts, right??? Life…. it’s baffling. But I’m so incredibly happy that I met my soulmate by way of my most favorite show. And thankfully like me he feels the first 8 seasons are the true heart of the series.  I love being able to quote something randomly and he knows exactly what I’m referring to. I’ve never really dated anyone else that really understood the impact of the show, it’s a part of our daily lives. It’s so awesome to know that when we’re old and gray we’re still going to be referring to god as “the waffle on the ceiling”.

Anyways….. other Simpsons related stuff over the past few years includes making this for a couple of friends that got married last year that love the show.


I’ve been collecting patches and other things, but will probably have to do a separate post for Simpsons collectibles I’ve been able to acquire some other time.

Also Danny Brito made:

iphone7.14.15 130

This happened at my job though a couple of weeks ago. I created it and asked for my door’s name plate to have this image on it expecting it to get shot down but it’s now proudly on my office door.


Alrighty, I think that’s a good update for now. I also got a new cat. His name is Rory, he’s pretty cool.


Thanks for stopping by!


Super beautiful wedding photos were taken by Desiree Espada


Of shoes and ships and sealing wax

not too sure why i have that lyric in my head, haven’t watched alice in wonderland anytime recently.

anyway, yep, another long break from blogging. there have been lots of hardcore changes happening within the past 6 months, hard to keep up with it all in blog format or in any format to be honest, haha.

let’s see, my sister is now officially a librarian (YAY!), we moved out of our cozy vintage townhouse (BOO!) and apart from each other which started off as really difficult but i’m glad we stay in touch a lot more than we did back when we were in separate colleges. i now live by myself which was an adjustment but i think i really like it! expensive as all hell to pretty much fill an apartment from scratch. it’s all the little things that’ll get ya, like kitchen stuff especially. i did buy a blender though, i feel really grown up making healthy fruit filled smoothies for myself after a long day. oh! and the best christmas present to myself is this beaut:

Record player

i’ve been eyeing this record player for months and i’m so excited i got it on sale too! is the secret 😀

i haven’t been going to many shows lately. not sure what happened but live music sort of lost it’s magic for me after i realized i should probably stop going alone, which is kind of a bummer. i used to love the feeling of my ears being pounded by beautiful sounds and standing as close to the stage as i possibly could, and that wonderful thrill of stealing the setlist. maybe that desire will come back someday, i really hope so.

i did see Stars back in October with my sister. and this happened:


yes, a picture with Torq!! one that i look incredibly awkward in and uncomfortable, but whatever, cause i still love it!

i know i hardly ever talk about my relationships but this one deserves to be mentioned a bit cause we’ve been together for nearly 8 months! dating a pisces like myself is pretty darn awesome cause he’s talented, creative, and a sweetheart 😉 look at what he brought me back from austria!


it’s a dried and pressed eidelweiss, seriously the most romantic thing i’ve ever received cause i know the thought that went into it and the folklore behind the flower. it’s said that suitors used to climb the alps to find this flower to prove their love, unfortunately some died trying to do this. thankfully, that wasn’t an issue this time around and he came back home safe and sound.

i better get to bed, tomorrow starts the adventure of finding an ugly christmas sweater for a party and looking for some more pieces of cheap/awesome furniture.

hope all is well and if i don’t write again til next year, i hope your holidays are incredible 😀


after the fall

This year has definitely been a rollarcoaster and there are many reasons why i have not kept up my blog for the past 7 months. I guess the main reason would be that I had to work through some very difficult experiences in therapy and well, i’ve just been incredibly exhausted emotionally, mentally, and physically. I didn’t go to many shows, didn’t do very much art/embroidery/crafting, or much socializing. I had to work on my self-esteem. It was a long time coming, facing the trauma of my childhood, and getting past it was tough but worth it. I feel more confident in myself as a person than i ever have in my life. There are some very big changes coming up within the next few weeks but I know I can get through it with less anxiety than I would have a year ago. So, yeah, stuff! But I am looking forward to figuring out my space on the internet and being more honest with it.

Moving on, I did finish a new Simpsons embroidery piece! My favorite I think of the ones I have finished so far and it now resides with my lovely friend, Alise.

Alise and I even officiated ourselves as Stonecutters!! She got hers on her upper arm and it looks severely BADASS! I knew there was only one place I truly wanted this one, haha.

I’ve been working on other embroidery pieces on and off. Thinking of getting a vintage embroidery themed tattoo. That’ll be a big tattoo project for the future.

Well, I’m hoping to keep my blog up and possibly my etsy shop going too. I’ve been scoring some fantastic vintage finds that I wanted to share, just haven’t photographed yet. The fall will be a great time to start going back to shows again, Stars will be here in October! The last show I went to was Yellow Ostrich on June 3rd (so freaking good!!)

Until next time! Thanks so much for dropping by!!

New Ninjacat line in Tacocat Productions shop!

Heya there!! i’ve got exciting news! the new line of ninjacats with weapons has been introduced into my shop and i’ll be adding even more over this coming week. Check them out!

I have also introduced cat toy ninja weapons!!

I have a super awesome special discount to anyone who reads my blog. Just use the coupon code: NEWYEAR to recieve 12% off your entire purchase! Code ends on 1/31/12.

Thank you so much and hope you have a happy new year!!!

a break from the productions

yesterday was insanely gorgeous, so my sister and i took a trip to the gardens, which is seriously like a 5 minute drive (we’re so lucky) but we hardly go, shame on us!

amy shawl bombed this lady statue, i think it looks very natural, don’t you?

my intention was to sew while we were there but it didn’t happen, i was so organized and everything!

we did a bit of walking around, i just love how mysterious these gates look.

we went to the antique mall since it’s around the corner from the gardens. it was a great day to look at treasures.

i’m smitten with vintage glass sets like this.

how interesting and unfortunately you can spot me in the mirror, oops.

i want a vintage radio so bad! look at how beautiful these are

this antique mall is a maze and takes a lot of patience to go through, but it’s well worth the time.

these are the amazing pieces that came home with me. i can’t wait to wear them tonight for the new year’s eve show i’m going to!

i will hopefully be posting some big news on sunday regarding the shop. i’ve been working very long hours on my vacation to make sure my goal for Jan. 1st for Tacocat Productions kicks off with a bang and many new products!

see you soon, and happiest of new years!!

xo – amanda

random happiness // 5

here i am again, trying to catch up from the last month’s photos! it’s definitely been a busy december. i wanted to share a few things that have been making me happy, umm, since november? hahaha

i’m addicted to dresses and scored 5 lovlies from etsy for a mere $60! which is amazing for vintage!

new floss always excites me!!

i bought these amazingly cute coasters for amy and i.

finally cleaned up my jewelry/accessory area! i’m so proud of it and i don’t feel like such a mess anymore! hooray!!

i got this tiny sewing machine at hobby lobby, isn’t it soo sweet!

i’m severly in love with emily martin’s work! it’s whimisical and eccentric, something i always hope to be and be seen as. her etsy shop is filled with so many beauties!

i will try my best to be better about writing. i’ve been greatly busy with ninjacat business. and i’m celebrating my first sale to someone i don’t know! i mean i appreciate every sale i receive from friends but there is something very special about knowing that my creations are being enjoyed by someone i’ve never met.

what’s making you smile these days???

xo – amanda

tacocat productions // craft fair!

last week i set up at my very first craft fair! it was held at my job and was pretty fun. it was a great experience to learn from and i’m thinking about signing up for another craft fair in the spring.

it was really cool thinking of ways to set up the table. the banner is so very much my style and i’m so happy i could convey that!

i’ve decided to add some of my paintings to my shop, in miniature form. believe me when i say that they were a challenge. i’m used to working on canvas that is 6′ by 4′ and working on like 1/100th of that scale was interesting but really fun!

brooches and necklaces…

the ninjacats eagerly awaited to be taken to their new homes!

sneaky peek at my new ninjacats. they have weapons that attach to the velcro. these ninjas will be available in my shop on January 1st!

using a few of my vintage suitcases turned out great and made packing up a breeze!

i had a lot of fun and definitely will continue to think of ways to spread the ninjacat invasion!

hope you’re having a great week!

xo – amanda