i’ve been working on a project in between other projects for the last few months. i LOVE the simpsons and felt that i needed a wall of portraits done entirely with embroidery. i got this idea when my twin sister and i threw a simpsons costume birthday party back in march and realized that our wall by the stairs had nothing on it! (side note, guess who my sister and i dressed up as if you don’t already know) it was a lot of fun and the wall has two “photos” up now. These two:

I didn't say stop!


they are a bit plain, but i was just starting this project and wanted to leave it pretty basic to make sure i could pull it off. so i bet you’re wondering how or where i got the patterns? easy. coloring pages off of the internet. one of my favorite places is here.

this one below is my favorite so far and i bet you can tell why? i actually added something special to it!


Bros before Hoes

They've read the Bromance manual

i’m working on more simpsons embroidery this weekend to catch up on the wall i’ve neglected for almost 2 months (i’ve been working on stuff for the shop) does anybody out there have a shrine wall to a tv show they’ve crafted? if so, what show? or even a movie?
well onto the sewing! hope you have a great weekend and i’d love to hear your feedback! maybe i’ll sew something just for you!