a little peek into my craft area…

this is where i spend many a night working on ninjacats, necklaces, embroidered projects, and anything that requires a flat surface. i’m so happy that it’s more organized than is used to be but still looking to make it better. shelves will be added in the future.

new floss today!! i’m trying to collect at least one skein of each dmc floss color there is. i feel like i hardly made a dent in the floss colors i’m missing and i bought 30! i don’t even know how much is in my stash as of now. so i’ve got some work to do on this collection.

so purty.

color, color, color!! it’s so wonderful!


anyway, along with floss, i collect fabric pieces. nothing big, so i’m a big fan of fat quarters. my mom sent me these from a fabric shop in colorado. totally my taste!!

the rest of my fabric is actually in a cd organizer so i can quickly look at the colors i need for a project.

how do you organize your floss and fabric? or any other material you work with? i’m looking for a better way to store my floss. i have an okay system for now but since the collection is growing i need something more stable than floss cards in plastic baggies.