i think i’ll make sundays a standing appointment of showing photos of some of the concerts i go to. i absolutely love the lights used at shows. they can be like works of art really.

for this first installment i’ll share photos from this past new years eve. i spent that evening with the sweethearts of centro-matic. thanks to a couple of friends of mine, i was introduced to the drummer, matt pence (he’s an EXCELLENT photographer) and Bob Andrews, the band’s manager (he gave me Will’s setlist!)


happy freakin’ new year, home slice!!!!!!!!!!

i have a mega teen girl crush on will johnson

it was a wonderful show, so incredibly perfect. although i was a lonely gal for new years it was still a load of fun to see one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time on such a special night. i love the tuxedos!

well hope you enjoyed, next sunday i’ll feature Stars!