the grates!!

this is the newest single and video from one of my top five bands, the grates.

these people are the SWEETEST famous folks i think i’ve ever met. they give amazing and memorable live shows and they care about their fans. it was quite a blow when i found out alana was no longer their cute as hell drummer anymore. so sad… i actually got a hold of her by email. as described by the grates’ facebook, alana is pursuing a career in yummy pastries. and from what alana told me in her email, she also found a yummy guy too, lol. how cute! all the best to her!!!

i sure wish i had taken photos of the the grates’ shows i’ve been to. all two of them. both of them were out of this world. i fell HEAD OVER HEELS for them the first time i saw them at the cavern in dallas, fall of 2009. now i have an entire wall shrine dedicated to them and tattoos drawn by john patterson. these are from the “gravity won’t get you high” cd book. cute, eh?

Pinny is this one’s name.

And Teabing follows.

hope you give them a listen, they are absolutely worth the time to follow up on.

happy day to you!

xxx – amanda