hey, hey, there folks. here’s some more simpsons in sewing!! i did two of these over the weekend.

grandpa simpson!

he sure looks like he’s having a blast, haha. i did most of this using backstitch and did the bicycle wheels in stem stitch (i’m still getting used to it! thanks to wild olive for the how-to on the easy way to do that stitch, it’s so much better!)

bookworm lisa

lisa and book are backstitched.

unfortunately there’s a small white box showing up on the fabric. not sure what happened, oops…

and here is how i rocked valentine’s this year! go me!!

i made my then guy a sewn and colored in version of lisa’s card she gave to ralph after erasing someone else’s name. haha, so sweet right? i am pretty darn proud of this if i do say so myself.

within the next couple of weeks i’m hoping to have more scene related embroideries, i have great ones to choose from. “do not ride the bomb” – does that ring a bell?

hope you enjoyed!

xxx – amanda