stars!!!! these people are pretty influencial to me. i think the thing that really grabs me is how accurately they describe relationships. mainly the relationships that failed and how it feels afterward. my favorite songs regarding that topic are “life effect” “your ex-lover is dead” “bitches in tokyo” and “how much more”. they hit the feeling spot on.


their live show was everything it should have been for a stars show and better. they are pure romantics and threw roses out to the audience. such sweethearts!

the lighting for the show was great! lots of compliments like lime green and red violet or yellow and purple. wonderfulness…

what was also impressive was that amy millan was pregnant during this tour. she was still sexy as hell and her dance moves are too adorable!

beautiful. i can’t wait to see them again! i hear they are planning a new album already and getting ready for another tour. i’d like to see torq’s other band, memphis, too.

they obviously don’t just write break up songs. my most favorite hopefully in love song is “my favourite book” it’s so gorgeous and something i hope to find and feel for someone else someday. oh, life… the birth is quick, the death is slow…

tune in next week, hopefully i’ll have some good captures of the beirut/twin sister show that is tomorrow at south side music hall!