i had the wonderful pleasure of seeing broken social scene for the second time. it was even more fun getting to be right in front of the stage this time too!

just like i had been “warned” they must have played at least an hour and a half. all great though!! it was an upbeat show and one of the best that i’ve been to at the house of blues.

i forgot how many band members were there but i know that there was at least one dude that they met that day. the violinist, who they felt was really cute and wanted to steal him away from dallas. what a lucky guy!

lots of lucky people in the audience too. those aren’t his glasses, they belong to a fan. also this guy with the horse mask. i’ve thought about wearing a mask to a show just to see if i’ll get on stage.

great end to the evening and one of my favorite concert captures!

hope you enjoyed! coming up next sunday, devotchka!

xo – amanda