little things making me happy around my house right now…

i picked up this little beauty at the denton mini mall a few weeks back. i’ve been dying to have one of these dishes. i’ve been looking for just the right rooster one but stumbled upon this which is even better!!

i love turning my painting sketches into embroidery pieces. it’s so much fun playing with different stitches!

the next two are from my friend blake wilson, who is a very talented self taught artist. i wish i had the skill to draw the types of patterns and creatures he does. he made this drawing for me as a swap piece. i painted a muscle man for him.

the photo of the wooden painted cat figurine is something blake picked up for me from sante fe, it looks so happy!

this little lady below is one of two loves of my life when it comes to cats. my roxie cat.

i’ve noticed lots of painted plastic toys on etsy lately, particularly dinosaurs. i got this group at thrift town and started painting away at them this morning.

i can’t wait to get more to paint! anyway, i’ve gotta run. apparently i’m the wasp killer of the house and must attend to this job now. take care, friends!

xo – amanda