does your heart ever start racing when you know you have a solidly incredible idea?? my heart is racing right now! i need to make room in my house and etsy shop for a new line of ninjacats. i have put my felt ones on clearance at $15.00 each (one of them is $12.00 cause she’s clumsy). i can GUARANTEE that the ninjacats in the future will never be this inexpensive, so get’em while the gettin’s good!

just a tiny squeak of what’s to come: i am on the hunt for a different type of material to make the next line, meaning that the next line will be a bit more costly, probably starting at $30.00 because of the materials and details that will be included. i don’t want to give out too many hints just yet cause it’s a secret and i’d like to blow everyones socks off when i’m ready to unveil the new ninjas. i promise you that you haven’t seen anything like them before!!

here are my clearance ninjacats looking for a sweet home to call their own and to protect:







they’re all waiting for you at the tacocatproductions etsy shop!


xo – amanda