i’m struggling with the blog-o-sphere. meaning i’m not really keeping a schedule or updating like i intentionally planned. life has changed a bit in direction so i’m sort of feeling my way through the weeks until i figure out what i want to really grasp onto. but there are things around that make me smile these days.

my mom gave me her sewing machine several years ago and last week i finally took it out of the case and used it. i’m in love with it!!!

it took a few frustrating tries to get the tension right but thanks to the internet it was fixed!

from there, i started sewing cute bows thanks to this tutorial. it was mega easy, which is wonderful for a beginner like me.

wearing the bows is even MORE fun than making them too! i can’t wait to look for more pretty fabric to use!

i bought sewing thread for the first time in years, can’t wait to see what i’ll make with such gorgeous colors.

here’s an awkward photo of myself that i’m kinda liking. i’m an awkwardly shy person to begin with so i feel like this kinda captures it.

my cat, sophie is addicted to the tub. it’s the first place she goes to every morning. she takes her “baths” in there, rolls around, basically has a blast. i wish tubs were that fun for me too.

the most important thing that is making me smile these days are my friends. not trying to sound sappy but my goodness friends are so amazing to be around when your heart gets broken. they have the best and most comforting words ever. i don’t think i’d be doing so well if if weren’t for them.

anyway, so what’s making you smile right now? i’d love to know!

have a great weekend, folks!

xo – amanda