i feel like it’s important to focus on the good in our lives instead of on only what we want but don’t have. i know what i want but until then i’ll celebrate the little and big things making me happy right now!

2 big things:

on sept 1st i was promoted!! i’ve been at my job for 2 and a half years and i really like what i do. i plan on staying there for a while because i know i can learn a lot and be constantly challenged to do my best. the people i work for are incredibly supportive of me and what i do in my creative life as well. i feel extremely lucky to work where i do.

i found out that my all time favorite band, hot rod circuit, will be doing a small reunion tour!! i’ll *hopefully* be flying to chicago to see them play at the bottom lounge in november. i can’t wait!!! they have been so influencial to my life and my heart over the years.

little things making me smile:

organized floss boxes!! i love color and i love my embroidery floss, it’s just so nice to see it all in rows instead of plastic baggies.

cat ears! i wear these randomly just cause. my cats look at me weird but i’m just trying to fit in with them is all!

i found out i was approved to sponsor the cowtown indie bazaar! i’m so excited to donate some of my handmade items for the goody bags! here’s a sneak peek…

lucky thrifting finds have been throwing themselves at me lately. my favorite is this purse i found last week, i’ve been hunting for an accessory with an elephant on it.

i found one of the coolest etsy cat lady finds ever! this here sleeping cat in a basket lint brush was purchased as soon as i saw it. how adorable!

another thing that has made me smile recently is getting packages from etsy that are wrapped up like presents. it totally makes me forget that i spent money for the item. it’s greatly appreciated when a seller takes the time to make a purchase special. i hope that the people that buy my items feel the same way.

what are some of the things making you happy? i want to know!

x0 – amanda