between oct. 28 to nov. 8 i went to 5 shows! it was magical and so wonderful to experience a lot of music within a short period. it’s been so long since i’ve done that. first up was CSS at the house of blues in dallas on oct. 28. i’m totally in love with lovefoxxx, she’s so sexy and wild on stage. you can tell how much she loves her job!

next, my bestie and i went to the prophet bar in deep ellum and saw beirut on nov. 1st. it was tough to get a good photo, the entire time it was like he was glowing! but i managed to get this one

on nov. 3rd was the yellow ostrich/delicate steve/ra ra riot show at the granada (my most favorite venue) yellow ostrich really blew me away. i got to see first hand how they create their fascinating sound. i love them!

ra ra riot was peppy and i kinda envied how awesome the cello player’s legs are. i need to work on mine now!

on saturday, nov. 5th my date and i went to the bear hands/we were promised jetpacks show at trees in deep ellum. i LOVE bear hands right now, so i was dancing all around (as much as a shy person can or will). i met and thanked the lead singer for coming to dallas, i hope they come back!

on tuesday, nov. 8th i saw phantogram at the loft in dallas. it was a dreamy show and i love the way the girl (wish i was better about names) moved with her hand holding onto the keyboard stand. hawt! i caught this gem of a photo during the few times they had a bright light on.


next concerts are in december, it’s gonna be a swell month of festivities!!

what shows have you been to lately? have any photos that you’re really proud of too? i would seriously love to see them!

hope all is well!

xo – amanda