here it is, already about to be december and i’m trying to update about october! life is moving by soooo fast. so here are some photos from the last month and a half!

went to colorado to see my parents on october 14th. it was so much fun and the perfect time to go! so beautiful!!!

robot dancing time on the mountain!

with my little brother, matthew, on the coolest rock over looking the valley!

next comes pumpkin carving at my friend’s place! lots of guts a flying that night.

it’s really hard to be graceful in a skirt while working with a pumpkin, but somehow i pulled it off without flashing anyone, go me!

i LOVE jena’s smile in this photo!

this was the first year EVER that amy and i have dressed up for halloween together. we were siamese twins just ripped apart, it was a blast!

photo courtesy of Kerri Menchaca

while i was at the CSS show, i dressed up as a kitty bandit. this was the only reasonably okay photo i took of my costume though.

soooo, that was october. november started with shows (which you have seen!) and probably one of the best thrifting trips of my life! my guy and i went to the denton mini mall and had a great time treasure hunting. it was made even more fun when i spotted this storm trooper’s helmet.

it was apparently my lucky day for finding great vintage luggage. look at what i scored!

i love round suitcases, so i was estatic when i found two!

so that’s enough for this post, more photos of this wonderful month coming soon!

xo – amanda