here i am again, trying to catch up from the last month’s photos! it’s definitely been a busy december. i wanted to share a few things that have been making me happy, umm, since november? hahaha

i’m addicted to dresses and scored 5 lovlies from etsy for a mere $60! which is amazing for vintage!

new floss always excites me!!

i bought these amazingly cute coasters for amy and i.

finally cleaned up my jewelry/accessory area! i’m so proud of it and i don’t feel like such a mess anymore! hooray!!

i got this tiny sewing machine at hobby lobby, isn’t it soo sweet!

i’m severly in love with emily martin’s work! it’s whimisical and eccentric, something i always hope to be and be seen as. her etsy shop is filled with so many beauties!

i will try my best to be better about writing. i’ve been greatly busy with ninjacat business. and i’m celebrating my first sale to someone i don’t know! i mean i appreciate every sale i receive from friends but there is something very special about knowing that my creations are being enjoyed by someone i’ve never met.

what’s making you smile these days???

xo – amanda