not too sure why i have that lyric in my head, haven’t watched alice in wonderland anytime recently.

anyway, yep, another long break from blogging. there have been lots of hardcore changes happening within the past 6 months, hard to keep up with it all in blog format or in any format to be honest, haha.

let’s see, my sister is now officially a librarian (YAY!), we moved out of our cozy vintage townhouse (BOO!) and apart from each other which started off as really difficult but i’m glad we stay in touch a lot more than we did back when we were in separate colleges. i now live by myself which was an adjustment but i think i really like it! expensive as all hell to pretty much fill an apartment from scratch. it’s all the little things that’ll get ya, like kitchen stuff especially. i did buy a blender though, i feel really grown up making healthy fruit filled smoothies for myself after a long day. oh! and the best christmas present to myself is this beaut:

Record player

i’ve been eyeing this record player for months and i’m so excited i got it on sale too! is the secret 😀

i haven’t been going to many shows lately. not sure what happened but live music sort of lost it’s magic for me after i realized i should probably stop going alone, which is kind of a bummer. i used to love the feeling of my ears being pounded by beautiful sounds and standing as close to the stage as i possibly could, and that wonderful thrill of stealing the setlist. maybe that desire will come back someday, i really hope so.

i did see Stars back in October with my sister. and this happened:


yes, a picture with Torq!! one that i look incredibly awkward in and uncomfortable, but whatever, cause i still love it!

i know i hardly ever talk about my relationships but this one deserves to be mentioned a bit cause we’ve been together for nearly 8 months! dating a pisces like myself is pretty darn awesome cause he’s talented, creative, and a sweetheart 😉 look at what he brought me back from austria!


it’s a dried and pressed eidelweiss, seriously the most romantic thing i’ve ever received cause i know the thought that went into it and the folklore behind the flower. it’s said that suitors used to climb the alps to find this flower to prove their love, unfortunately some died trying to do this. thankfully, that wasn’t an issue this time around and he came back home safe and sound.

i better get to bed, tomorrow starts the adventure of finding an ugly christmas sweater for a party and looking for some more pieces of cheap/awesome furniture.

hope all is well and if i don’t write again til next year, i hope your holidays are incredible 😀