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Heya there!! i’ve got exciting news! the new line of ninjacats with weapons has been introduced into my shop and i’ll be adding even more over this coming week. Check them out!

I have also introduced cat toy ninja weapons!!

I have a super awesome special discount to anyone who reads my blog. Just use the coupon code: NEWYEAR to recieve 12% off your entire purchase! Code ends on 1/31/12.

Thank you so much and hope you have a happy new year!!!


last week i set up at my very first craft fair! it was held at my job and was pretty fun. it was a great experience to learn from and i’m thinking about signing up for another craft fair in the spring.

it was really cool thinking of ways to set up the table. the banner is so very much my style and i’m so happy i could convey that!

i’ve decided to add some of my paintings to my shop, in miniature form. believe me when i say that they were a challenge. i’m used to working on canvas that is 6′ by 4′ and working on like 1/100th of that scale was interesting but really fun!

brooches and necklaces…

the ninjacats eagerly awaited to be taken to their new homes!

sneaky peek at my new ninjacats. they have weapons that attach to the velcro. these ninjas will be available in my shop on January 1st!

using a few of my vintage suitcases turned out great and made packing up a breeze!

i had a lot of fun and definitely will continue to think of ways to spread the ninjacat invasion!

hope you’re having a great week!

xo – amanda

some of these i meant to post a couple of weeks ago, but they still make me happy regardless, so here they are! like fall finally being here! yayyyy!!!

i love cool weather! it’s cold weather i don’t like though. but i do like that i can wear tights comfortably now. i have a whole slew of them.

i’m so excited that my tacocat productions brooches will be included in the cowtown indie bazaar’s goody bags this weekend! they look all nice and professional!

i will be launching my new line of ninjacats this week!! stay tuned cause they are really gonna blow your mind!

i got a new tattoo last week! can i get sappy for a moment? here goes… this tattoo resembles my love of my twin sister, amy of compositions of wool. i am one lucky lady to have been born right next to my soulmate. she is the kindest, most intelligent, and most creative person i know. i truly admire her drive for happiness. she is always there for me even when it’s inconvenient  for her like when i feel like i’m dying and she comes home from work to take care of me. she really is the most beautiful soul in my life.

the illustration is by emily martin of the black apple. i just adore her artwork and when i saw this, i just knew it was perfect. i get my tattoos done at the salty dog tattoo shop in fort worth by jon hill. (photo courtesy of tiffany wolf)

it was funny, i didn’t realize i was wearing the same dress the girls were wearing until i was at the tattoo shop. hilarious!

anyway… moving on! look at this cute record holder i bought at the local record store! cute, eh?

i’ve started collecting these. i think they’ll be great to display my items at craft shows.

this whole weekend was happiness for me! which i really needed. lately i’ve been in a funk.

yesterday i woke up early to run errands and drove around town with my windows down listening to bad assss tunes. came home and got a lot of ninjacat work done, then went to denton and had a nice dinner with a friend. after that i headed to dan’s silverleaf for the peter wolf crier/milagres/RTB2 show. it was spectacular!! i haven’t been to a show since july so it was great to see an out of this world show again. the night ended with a very nice guy telling me that i was a “cool, sexy nerd” and YES that is a very high compliment to me, haha. it was sweet and something i kinda needed since right now i’m on a strict no-dating-while-i’m-doing-serious-soul-searching work on myself. a gal can get really lonely during this phase and sweet words are a nice and appreciated pick me up.

today was glorious as well. it was so nice to relax in a cozy bed with my cats watching the rain through the open blinds. i napped half of the day and got more work done for the ninjacats. what a weekend it has been!

next week amy and i will be heading to colorado to spend time with our family. i’m so excited to see them! it’s been exactly a year! my baby brother doesn’t look so little anymore!

so i guess i talked your ear off? or eyes off….? i hope you’re doing well. what’s making you happy these days?? i want to hear about it!

xo – amanda

does your heart ever start racing when you know you have a solidly incredible idea?? my heart is racing right now! i need to make room in my house and etsy shop for a new line of ninjacats. i have put my felt ones on clearance at $15.00 each (one of them is $12.00 cause she’s clumsy). i can GUARANTEE that the ninjacats in the future will never be this inexpensive, so get’em while the gettin’s good!

just a tiny squeak of what’s to come: i am on the hunt for a different type of material to make the next line, meaning that the next line will be a bit more costly, probably starting at $30.00 because of the materials and details that will be included. i don’t want to give out too many hints just yet cause it’s a secret and i’d like to blow everyones socks off when i’m ready to unveil the new ninjas. i promise you that you haven’t seen anything like them before!!

here are my clearance ninjacats looking for a sweet home to call their own and to protect:







they’re all waiting for you at the tacocatproductions etsy shop!


xo – amanda

i’ve been working on a few necklaces this week and have just posted them to my etsy shop!

thanks for stopping by!!

xo – amanda

i remember doing these a looooong time ago through emails from friends. it’ll be fun to share some things via blog o shpere. many thanks to elycia for the idea!

A. Age: 26
B. Bed size: Full size, perfect for little me and 4 little cats.
C. Chore that you hate: Dishes, blargh….
D. Dogs: I want one someday, a Corgieeeeeee!!!!!
E. Essential start to your day:  Music. It just feels so weird getting dressed in silence
F. Favorite color: Blueish greenish tealish. Yep, that’s a color.
G. Gold or Silver: Silver
H. Height: 5 feet 1 inch
I. Instruments you play: xylo-ma-phone…. (Well in high school, but it was fun!!) Hoping to get my ass in gear this year and learn how to play bass guitar.
J. Job title: it’s getting an upgrade this year. Administrative specialist!
K. Kids: kitty kids? yes
L. Live: live shows are awesome when they come to fort worth, texas
M. Mother’s name: Irene. She’s a junior.
N. Nicknames: I have a few ex boyfriends that liked calling me “Manda” I like it way better than “Mandy”
O. Overnight hospital stays: lucky that I haven’t had to go through that yet.
P. Pet peeve: side seat or backseat drivers. I hate it when someone tells me how to drive my own car.
Q. Quote from a movie song: I’m not really a movie person, I’ve been watching Star Wars every night for the last 3 months, so you can tell I don’t have much variety in what I watch. I thought I’d put down my most favorite song lyric though. “Suicide is for the weaker kind” I go through clinical depression and anxiety and this lyric always reminds me to have courage for each day no matter how hard it can get. It’s rewarding to live.  

R. Right or left handed: righty
S. Siblings: twin sister!!! She’s awesome and crafty too. See her over at compositions of wool. We also have a baby brother, Matthew. He’s 17 years younger and almost as tall as us!!
T. Time you wake up: 7:40. Gotta be at work by 8:30, I don’t need much time in the morning, woo!!!
U. Underwear: they’re cool
V. Vegetable you hate:  mushrooms, the texture gets me  :/
W. What makes you run late: browsing the internets
X. X-Rays you’ve had: stomach, I think…
Y. Yummy food that you make: enchiladas. They taste almost like chuys’ enchiladas. (no freakin’ joke)
Z. Zoo animal: anything that looks like a cat, I will LOVE it! Including red pandas.

Thanks for stopping by! let me know if you do a little of the abc fun, too!

xxx – amanda