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last week i set up at my very first craft fair! it was held at my job and was pretty fun. it was a great experience to learn from and i’m thinking about signing up for another craft fair in the spring.

it was really cool thinking of ways to set up the table. the banner is so very much my style and i’m so happy i could convey that!

i’ve decided to add some of my paintings to my shop, in miniature form. believe me when i say that they were a challenge. i’m used to working on canvas that is 6′ by 4′ and working on like 1/100th of that scale was interesting but really fun!

brooches and necklaces…

the ninjacats eagerly awaited to be taken to their new homes!

sneaky peek at my new ninjacats. they have weapons that attach to the velcro. these ninjas will be available in my shop on January 1st!

using a few of my vintage suitcases turned out great and made packing up a breeze!

i had a lot of fun and definitely will continue to think of ways to spread the ninjacat invasion!

hope you’re having a great week!

xo – amanda


little things making me happy around my house right now…

i picked up this little beauty at the denton mini mall a few weeks back. i’ve been dying to have one of these dishes. i’ve been looking for just the right rooster one but stumbled upon this which is even better!!

i love turning my painting sketches into embroidery pieces. it’s so much fun playing with different stitches!

the next two are from my friend blake wilson, who is a very talented self taught artist. i wish i had the skill to draw the types of patterns and creatures he does. he made this drawing for me as a swap piece. i painted a muscle man for him.

the photo of the wooden painted cat figurine is something blake picked up for me from sante fe, it looks so happy!

this little lady below is one of two loves of my life when it comes to cats. my roxie cat.

i’ve noticed lots of painted plastic toys on etsy lately, particularly dinosaurs. i got this group at thrift town and started painting away at them this morning.

i can’t wait to get more to paint! anyway, i’ve gotta run. apparently i’m the wasp killer of the house and must attend to this job now. take care, friends!

xo – amanda

i’ve been in a creative slump the past few weeks and not really wanting to work on anything. i’ve just been feeling lost inspirationally. there is a collaboration i am working on with a friend that is kind of helping me work through the stale weeks though. we’re working on children’s stories and i’ll be illustrating them with pen, ink, and watercolor. it’s really relaxing and giving me more ideas. i just love this medium!

these aren’t works for the book, i don’t want to reveal those yet until we have a solid look for it. but experimenting with other images is so much fun! i haven’t done watercolor since college and it’s way more inspiring now than it was before. i even did a few old sketches…

i definitely miss embroidery but maybe i was burning out on it and had to mix things up for a bit. hoping to get back to simpsons embroideries soon along with new additions to the etsy shop. but until i feel like doing those, i’ll be doing these…

hope you have a great weekend!!

xxx – amanda

Look Ma, I can stitch!

 i’ve signed up for a flickr account this weekend! i thought it would be the easiest way to share what i have done in the past without having to repost them. easy peasy. for the past few years i’ve been dreaming of this sewn version of my paintings project and i finally started it earlier this year. i’m happy with how it’s going so far. i began with stitch samplers so i could get a little more used to embroidery (i only  just got really into it about 7 months ago) i love it! the colors of the floss are exactly like the colors i mix for a painting. i’m working off of past sketches of past works. they’re a great tool to make something unique and work on practicing new stitches.

the first one i started out with was an outline sampler. it includes chain stitch, stem stitch, back stitch, and straight stitch. it was great using a lot of pieces of floss that i have just sitting around, leftover from other projects. i have a binder where i keep any floss remnants and have them piled from warm colors, cool colors, and neutral shades.


this next one i have is a fill stitch sampler of a piece that first started out as a drawing but i’m still too chicken to actually finish that one yet. i felt that i could do the sewn version of it and feel much less guilty. i finally completed it last night!! wooooo!!!

Fill stitch sampler

the fills are a varity of stiches including straight stitches, brick stitch, satin stitch, and french knots. i’m in love with french knots now! it was like making tons of tiny red roses.



my goal with these sewn paintings will be to have a show of them. maybe i can get it pulled together next year. lots of sewing to do!!