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I’ve been spinning the idea in my head if I should post an update after 3 years of abandoning my blog to share some of my recent Simpsons experiences and embroideries. The idea was mainly related to how the Simpsons changed my entire life in the best way possible. It’s a weird story.

It starts with being so enamored with the show that I got a tribute tattoo, the Stonecutters one that I posted about a few years back.

simpsons tatt 013

Without falling into too much of a rambling mess of sentences I’ll briefly try to tell the story of how I met my husband. Yep, married now. It’s a very weird thing to acknowledge. Not that I don’t love it, just so funny how things work out.

Last summer I received an email alert that someone had commented on my blog. Since I abandoned it 3 years ago I was pretty surprised. Apparently he did a Google search for Stonecutters tattoos, saw mine and said to himself “I must know this woman immediately!” and left a comment. And that’s how it began. Just some random Google search and BAM, life changer. When I read the comment I knew what the cheesy line of “You just know” meant at that very moment. That really weird rush of intuition that says “THIS IS IMPORTANT”. It’s not something I ever expected but thanks to the Simpsons I met my soulmate. I mean it wasn’t just the Simpsons that made us realize we were soulmates, there were many other weird coincidences that were uncovered later. But the Simpsons was most definitely the catalyst for us meeting each other while he lived in Chicago at the time and I was in Kansas. He flew down last August to meet me in person and proposed. …with an onion ring!

photo 1_2

We got married in March and had some freakin SWEET Simpsons references incorporated.

I wore this brooch. It’s from Danny Brito and it was a perfect accessory for the day. 


My husband and I bought some Homer and Marge figures and painted them up all fancy.

We had them as the donuts topper.


Our cake was magnificently perfect!



A good friend of mine gifted my husband Homer’s pig cuff-links but unfortunately he was not able to wear them due to having the wrong shirt. We’re planning to pass them down our family line for future weddings.

For real nuts, right??? Life…. it’s baffling. But I’m so incredibly happy that I met my soulmate by way of my most favorite show. And thankfully like me he feels the first 8 seasons are the true heart of the series.  I love being able to quote something randomly and he knows exactly what I’m referring to. I’ve never really dated anyone else that really understood the impact of the show, it’s a part of our daily lives. It’s so awesome to know that when we’re old and gray we’re still going to be referring to god as “the waffle on the ceiling”.

Anyways….. other Simpsons related stuff over the past few years includes making this for a couple of friends that got married last year that love the show.


I’ve been collecting patches and other things, but will probably have to do a separate post for Simpsons collectibles I’ve been able to acquire some other time.

Also Danny Brito made:

iphone7.14.15 130

This happened at my job though a couple of weeks ago. I created it and asked for my door’s name plate to have this image on it expecting it to get shot down but it’s now proudly on my office door.


Alrighty, I think that’s a good update for now. I also got a new cat. His name is Rory, he’s pretty cool.


Thanks for stopping by!


Super beautiful wedding photos were taken by Desiree Espada


i feel like it’s important to focus on the good in our lives instead of on only what we want but don’t have. i know what i want but until then i’ll celebrate the little and big things making me happy right now!

2 big things:

on sept 1st i was promoted!! i’ve been at my job for 2 and a half years and i really like what i do. i plan on staying there for a while because i know i can learn a lot and be constantly challenged to do my best. the people i work for are incredibly supportive of me and what i do in my creative life as well. i feel extremely lucky to work where i do.

i found out that my all time favorite band, hot rod circuit, will be doing a small reunion tour!! i’ll *hopefully* be flying to chicago to see them play at the bottom lounge in november. i can’t wait!!! they have been so influencial to my life and my heart over the years.

little things making me smile:

organized floss boxes!! i love color and i love my embroidery floss, it’s just so nice to see it all in rows instead of plastic baggies.

cat ears! i wear these randomly just cause. my cats look at me weird but i’m just trying to fit in with them is all!

i found out i was approved to sponsor the cowtown indie bazaar! i’m so excited to donate some of my handmade items for the goody bags! here’s a sneak peek…

lucky thrifting finds have been throwing themselves at me lately. my favorite is this purse i found last week, i’ve been hunting for an accessory with an elephant on it.

i found one of the coolest etsy cat lady finds ever! this here sleeping cat in a basket lint brush was purchased as soon as i saw it. how adorable!

another thing that has made me smile recently is getting packages from etsy that are wrapped up like presents. it totally makes me forget that i spent money for the item. it’s greatly appreciated when a seller takes the time to make a purchase special. i hope that the people that buy my items feel the same way.

what are some of the things making you happy? i want to know!

x0 – amanda

i’ve been working on a few necklaces this week and have just posted them to my etsy shop!

thanks for stopping by!!

xo – amanda

little things making me happy around my house right now…

i picked up this little beauty at the denton mini mall a few weeks back. i’ve been dying to have one of these dishes. i’ve been looking for just the right rooster one but stumbled upon this which is even better!!

i love turning my painting sketches into embroidery pieces. it’s so much fun playing with different stitches!

the next two are from my friend blake wilson, who is a very talented self taught artist. i wish i had the skill to draw the types of patterns and creatures he does. he made this drawing for me as a swap piece. i painted a muscle man for him.

the photo of the wooden painted cat figurine is something blake picked up for me from sante fe, it looks so happy!

this little lady below is one of two loves of my life when it comes to cats. my roxie cat.

i’ve noticed lots of painted plastic toys on etsy lately, particularly dinosaurs. i got this group at thrift town and started painting away at them this morning.

i can’t wait to get more to paint! anyway, i’ve gotta run. apparently i’m the wasp killer of the house and must attend to this job now. take care, friends!

xo – amanda

hey, hey, there folks. here’s some more simpsons in sewing!! i did two of these over the weekend.

grandpa simpson!

he sure looks like he’s having a blast, haha. i did most of this using backstitch and did the bicycle wheels in stem stitch (i’m still getting used to it! thanks to wild olive for the how-to on the easy way to do that stitch, it’s so much better!)

bookworm lisa

lisa and book are backstitched.

unfortunately there’s a small white box showing up on the fabric. not sure what happened, oops…

and here is how i rocked valentine’s this year! go me!!

i made my then guy a sewn and colored in version of lisa’s card she gave to ralph after erasing someone else’s name. haha, so sweet right? i am pretty darn proud of this if i do say so myself.

within the next couple of weeks i’m hoping to have more scene related embroideries, i have great ones to choose from. “do not ride the bomb” – does that ring a bell?

hope you enjoyed!

xxx – amanda

i remember doing these a looooong time ago through emails from friends. it’ll be fun to share some things via blog o shpere. many thanks to elycia for the idea!

A. Age: 26
B. Bed size: Full size, perfect for little me and 4 little cats.
C. Chore that you hate: Dishes, blargh….
D. Dogs: I want one someday, a Corgieeeeeee!!!!!
E. Essential start to your day:  Music. It just feels so weird getting dressed in silence
F. Favorite color: Blueish greenish tealish. Yep, that’s a color.
G. Gold or Silver: Silver
H. Height: 5 feet 1 inch
I. Instruments you play: xylo-ma-phone…. (Well in high school, but it was fun!!) Hoping to get my ass in gear this year and learn how to play bass guitar.
J. Job title: it’s getting an upgrade this year. Administrative specialist!
K. Kids: kitty kids? yes
L. Live: live shows are awesome when they come to fort worth, texas
M. Mother’s name: Irene. She’s a junior.
N. Nicknames: I have a few ex boyfriends that liked calling me “Manda” I like it way better than “Mandy”
O. Overnight hospital stays: lucky that I haven’t had to go through that yet.
P. Pet peeve: side seat or backseat drivers. I hate it when someone tells me how to drive my own car.
Q. Quote from a movie song: I’m not really a movie person, I’ve been watching Star Wars every night for the last 3 months, so you can tell I don’t have much variety in what I watch. I thought I’d put down my most favorite song lyric though. “Suicide is for the weaker kind” I go through clinical depression and anxiety and this lyric always reminds me to have courage for each day no matter how hard it can get. It’s rewarding to live.  

R. Right or left handed: righty
S. Siblings: twin sister!!! She’s awesome and crafty too. See her over at compositions of wool. We also have a baby brother, Matthew. He’s 17 years younger and almost as tall as us!!
T. Time you wake up: 7:40. Gotta be at work by 8:30, I don’t need much time in the morning, woo!!!
U. Underwear: they’re cool
V. Vegetable you hate:  mushrooms, the texture gets me  :/
W. What makes you run late: browsing the internets
X. X-Rays you’ve had: stomach, I think…
Y. Yummy food that you make: enchiladas. They taste almost like chuys’ enchiladas. (no freakin’ joke)
Z. Zoo animal: anything that looks like a cat, I will LOVE it! Including red pandas.

Thanks for stopping by! let me know if you do a little of the abc fun, too!

xxx – amanda

a little peek into my craft area…

this is where i spend many a night working on ninjacats, necklaces, embroidered projects, and anything that requires a flat surface. i’m so happy that it’s more organized than is used to be but still looking to make it better. shelves will be added in the future.

new floss today!! i’m trying to collect at least one skein of each dmc floss color there is. i feel like i hardly made a dent in the floss colors i’m missing and i bought 30! i don’t even know how much is in my stash as of now. so i’ve got some work to do on this collection.

so purty.

color, color, color!! it’s so wonderful!


anyway, along with floss, i collect fabric pieces. nothing big, so i’m a big fan of fat quarters. my mom sent me these from a fabric shop in colorado. totally my taste!!

the rest of my fabric is actually in a cd organizer so i can quickly look at the colors i need for a project.

how do you organize your floss and fabric? or any other material you work with? i’m looking for a better way to store my floss. i have an okay system for now but since the collection is growing i need something more stable than floss cards in plastic baggies.