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Heya there!! i’ve got exciting news! the new line of ninjacats with weapons has been introduced into my shop and i’ll be adding even more over this coming week. Check them out!

I have also introduced cat toy ninja weapons!!

I have a super awesome special discount to anyone who reads my blog. Just use the coupon code: NEWYEAR to recieve 12% off your entire purchase! Code ends on 1/31/12.

Thank you so much and hope you have a happy new year!!!


yesterday was insanely gorgeous, so my sister and i took a trip to the gardens, which is seriously like a 5 minute drive (we’re so lucky) but we hardly go, shame on us!

amy shawl bombed this lady statue, i think it looks very natural, don’t you?

my intention was to sew while we were there but it didn’t happen, i was so organized and everything!

we did a bit of walking around, i just love how mysterious these gates look.

we went to the antique mall since it’s around the corner from the gardens. it was a great day to look at treasures.

i’m smitten with vintage glass sets like this.

how interesting and unfortunately you can spot me in the mirror, oops.

i want a vintage radio so bad! look at how beautiful these are

this antique mall is a maze and takes a lot of patience to go through, but it’s well worth the time.

these are the amazing pieces that came home with me. i can’t wait to wear them tonight for the new year’s eve show i’m going to!

i will hopefully be posting some big news on sunday regarding the shop. i’ve been working very long hours on my vacation to make sure my goal for Jan. 1st for Tacocat Productions kicks off with a bang and many new products!

see you soon, and happiest of new years!!

xo – amanda

i’ve been working on a few necklaces this week and have just posted them to my etsy shop!

thanks for stopping by!!

xo – amanda

really quick update!

– i’m having a June sale over at the tacocat productions etsy shop. stop by and browse. if you purchase anything, use this code: JUNEISH to receive 15% off your entire purchase!!


thanks so much!!

hey hey there! i’m excited to have my very own blog after much internal debating. you ever go through that? i hope so, i feel it should be normal.

anyway, my blog will focus on the adorableness that i create through embroidery. also, i’ll be throwing in some musical tidbits here and there (i’m a avid concert-goer). i also love finding new music and i think it’ll be fun to share what i’ve found and where i look for delicious new tracks to drown my ears in.

i haven’t quite decided how often i will update this blog. hoping for once a week. any suggestions on what i should talk about? maybe i’ll devote a post on how much embroidery i do of the simpsons. yeah, i think i’ll do that…

well if you read this, thanks so much for stopping by and i HOPE to see you again. always feel free to comment, maybe i’m doing a bad job at this, maybe i’ll do an awesome job at it. who knows till ya try, right? well until next time, cheers!!

oh yeah! please check out my etsy store, it’s brand new! tacocatproductions